Kamila is a portrait photographer with a wealth of experience specializing in creative studio photography. Currently practicing her craft in Illinois, she resides in Forsyth, IL, USA, where she oversees her studio and editing lab. * materiał 1
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Hello and thank you for stepping into the visual realm of Blanke Atelier Art Photography, where every frame tells a unique story! 🌟

🌍 A Journey Through Lens and Learning: Embarking on my photography odyssey, I first honed my skills at theFOTOfactory in Amsterdam and the Academy of Child Photography in Poland. The journey took me through the rich tapestry of the British Academy of Photography in London, where I graduated with a passion for capturing moments that transcend time.

📚 Learning from the Masters: The pursuit of excellence led me to renowned mentors such as Mariusz Smiejek, Mark Hamilton Gruchy, and the Photofusion Photography Center in London. These experiences have not only enriched my craft but have also shaped my distinct perspective on visual storytelling.

👩‍👧‍👦 Dedicated to Portraits, Passionate About People: Specializing in portrait photography, my lens is a conduit for capturing the innate beauty, strength, and grace of women. Maternity and newborn photography are my cherished domains, where each session becomes a celebration of life’s most precious moments. Expanding my horizons, I’m delving into the world of personal branding, exploring ways to visually narrate individual stories.

🎨 Creativity as a Lifestyle: Beyond the conventional, I thrive on creative projects that add a touch of magic to my portfolio. Whether it’s organizing unique events or pushing the boundaries of visual expression, every project is an opportunity to ignite imagination.

Join me on this visual adventure, where every click of the shutter is a brushstroke on the canvas of life. Whether you’re seeking to capture the essence of a moment or looking for a visual storyteller for your brand, Blanke Atelier Art Photography is here to craft stories that resonate and endure.

Kamila is developing and setting a new level for many photography creations

She elevated traditional family portraits and portrait photography to another level offering her clients a completely new experience.

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I recently had an amazing maternity and newborn photo shoot experience that exceeded all my expectations. Kamila is incredibly talented, like she captured the essence of motherhood and the innocence of my newborn with remarkable skill. The studio provided a warm and professional atmosphere, and the entire process was stress-free and enjoyable. I highly recommend her services for anyone looking to create lasting memories of this precious time in their lives.

Supriya Kadam

We recently went for our newborn photo and family session and were very impressed at the professionalism and great customer service that Kamila provided. During our photo session she was very detailed oriented and made sure we all posed and looked great. I received all of the unedited pictures and had a hard time choosing the ones I wanted retouched as they all turned out so great! Kamila does take the time to make sure she provides a 5 star service. She is sure great with newborns. Highly recommended!

Vanessa Stringer

I booked her for my very first Maternity shoot and when I tell you she did not disappoint!!! Kamila was very patient with me considering this was my first time and very informative. She made sure to guide me through it and keep the vibes positive. I also booked newborn and pics for my little one. He was a little fussy during the beginning but she was able to get him called down and was very gentle with him. Can’t wait till pics get back. I would highly recommend booking with Kamila.

Nicole Headspeth


Kamila was so professional and put both myself and my 8 year old daughter so at ease with her calm and relaxed manner. She has an unbelievable eye for a photo and a talent for capturing an image. Our photos far exceeded our expectations and we cannot begin to recommend her enough. Thank you for a wonderful experience.

Sharron Rawden

I was a little out of my comfort zone doing a maternity shoot but Kamila was professional and friendly and put me at ease. She gave good advice and directions for the photos and clearly has a natural instinct for good photos. The end result far exceeded my expectations and I am so pleased I took that step out of my comfort zone because now I will forever have stunning photos to remember this special time.
Tania Johansson