December 31, 2020

My smartphone

The best camera which I have with me!

Which smartphone is the best for mobile photography?

I would like to say that everyone that has a built-in camera according to my previous post and the slogan: "The best camera is the one you have with you"

However, I think that in this case it is not entirely true. We have to follow the development of technology and trust it. The phone which we bought 3 years ago will no longer take such good photos as its updated model. And although at first glance the phones may look very similar, the most important thing for mobile photography is the software :)

But do not worry, if you follow the news and change the smartphone every two years ;) then your cell will certainly have all the improvements and thus it will also take better and better photos.

Are you curious what smartphone I have? In general, I get a little attached to things and I currently own a three-year-old Google Pixel 2 and I must say that it still takes pretty good photos. Of course, I am planning a change and I dream of Pixel 5 but for today I have to settle for my old man :)

During these three years I have also collected some photos which I will gradually share with you. I also plan to constantly develop in mobile photography and the effects will also be posted on the blog - my goal for 2021 :)

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