October 05, 2020

Is smartphone any good for taking good pictures?

Forget about average photographers and get the smartphone. This is all what you need!

Forget about average photographers! Computational photography is a future.

Welcome to my BLOG! I have been wondering for a long time what topic I could choose for my blog - you know what interests me, inspires or annoys me. Photography is not an easy subject and I also do not want to duplicate the same photographic topics that have already been analyzed hundreds of times. In addition, I wanted to find something new that would push me and motivate me to continue my photography journey as well as inspire me to create something completely from the scratch.

What I want to present to you and myself on this blog is a completely new topic for me. So far, I have combined photography only with a professional camera and a super cool lens. And if you want to take pictures on a professional level, I encourage you to get such a kit.

However, as a mother, already of three children, I do not want to freak my equipment out with me (it actually weighs a little). I just take out my smartphone and take pictures of my kids !!! Yes, you are right … smartphone :) And I have to say that quite nice photos are coming out !!! Therefore, I decided to take a better look at this topic. Smartphones are a powerful tool, also photographic, so it is worth knowing a little more about it.

So, I would like to invite you (and myself) to the word of mobile photography - professionally speaking: Computational Photography. Let's start together to better photograph our everyday life with what we have at hand, i.e. with our SMARTPHONE!

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