“No language can express the power and beauty and heroism of a mother’s love.” ~ Edwin H. Chapin. Unique maternity photography!

Let me capture the beauty and miracle of your life! This is maternity photography you have not seen before.

I would like to invite you to celebrate the most amazing and special time in your life.

Pregnancy is the most special and unique time in your life and my mission is to capture your inner strength and beauty through timeless works of art. I am proud to provide an unforgettable experience and create stunning portraits that celebrate you and the miraculous life within you.

Even if it is your first professional photography session, my goal is to ensure you feel comfortable, beautiful, confident and empowered. Throughout your personalized photoshoot, I will skillfully guide you on posing, wardrobe, and more while providing a luxurious day of pampering.

About the session

My maternity photography style is elegant, classic, and timeless. As a maternity photographer, I love photos that are simple and clean.

Maternity sessions are best captured between 29 and 35 weeks, but if your schedule does not allow for that I would be happy to work with you on a scheduled individual date.

Maternity sessions are tailored specifically to you. We will meet on consultation and we will discuss ideas on posing, lighting, wardrobe, and style. I will work closely with you and learn from your ideas and expectations to make sure that your vision becomes a reality.

A beautiful selection of maternity gowns, bodysuits, and fabrics is provided for your session.

We can arrange a photo session in the studio and outdoors.



  1. pre-shoot & product consultation
  2. custom portrait photoshoot
  3. knowledge and experience
  4. the unconventional concept of the session
  5. the individuality of the session
  6. styling (dresses, bodies & textiles)
  7. arrangement and gadgets, photo service

Plans can be chosen during the consultation and ‘ala carte’ products after the session.

The price list is below.

The Luxury Portrait Experience Includes:


This is for you to learn more about the process. But, more importantly, for me to get to know you and understand the vision you have for your session.

Wardrobe Styling

As part of your consultation, we will talk about your personal style and I will help you choose the outfits from your closet or from my studio wardrobe that will suit you the best.

Hair & Makeup

You could wear simple make-up or you could book the professional make-up artist before the session and come to my studio ready. Please come to the studio with fresh hair (you could also do wave hair if you like this style). Bring hairpins/bands with you as sometimes I like to change a bit a hair styling.

Guided Photoshoot

My job is to find your best angles and guide you through a series of expressions until I capture your personality. I want to tell your story so you do not have to worry about anything!

Multiple Wardrobe Changes

During the session, you will change your outfits several times. It is for you to enjoy being yourself in many styles and outfits of your choice.


I will prepare a gallery with all the good pictures. Those pictures will not be retouched – they will be properly developed (something like the old darkroom). After selecting the photos, they will be professionally retouched, and the photos will be given a unique atmosphere.

Professional Retouching

While the magic already happened during your photoshoot, every image is retouched as if it was going on a magazines. Every little detail will be taken care of!

Professional Studio

A fully equipped studio with gorgeous hand painted backdrops and variety of stunning dresses, props and accessories. You do not have a stress about finding a perfect location for your photoshoot!

Main steps of the process


Around a week before we will meet in person or over Zoom, or Skype. I would like to get to know you and talk about your past experience with photo sessions and your expectation for our session. I will ask you how you like to be photographed. We will make a plan to be sure that you start getting ready for your dream session.

Choice of Wardrobe & Style

During the consultation we will also finalize your wardrobe and style of the session. We will go over hair & makeup ideas – I will give you a guideline to self-preparation for the session. Basically we will talk about everything to ensure that your session will be an unforgettable and a special experience for you.

Photo Session

My session is tailored to your needs. It would be your time to relax and not to stress. You do not need to worry if this is your first time in front of the camera. I will direct, guide and pose you. You will look relaxed, beautiful and elegant.

Image Reveal

Around 3 weeks after the session you will come back to my studio and see all of your most beautiful and fully retouched portraits. You will also choose the material and color of the folio box and a photo for your wall art (this does not apply to the basic package). You can also decide to extend your package or purchase my other products.

Choose your Plan

  • Professional and original retouching process gives the photos a unique atmosphere & style
  • Access to the gallery of all photos (15+)
  • 15 high-resolution digital images, including: 8 fully retouched + 7 color & light corrected
  • 1 styling (studio wardrobe)
$200 VOUCHER $50 for the products
  • Professional and original retouching process gives the photos a unique atmosphere & style
  • Access to the gallery of all photos (25+)
  • 25 high-resolution digital images, including: 15 fully retouched + 10 color & light corrected
  • 3 stylings (studio wardrobe)
$350 VOUCHER $50 for the next session on Luxurious/Ultimate Plan VOUCHER $50 for the products
  • Professional and original retouching process gives the photos a unique atmosphere & style
  • Access to the gallery of all photos (40+)
  • 40 high-resolution digital images, including: 25 fully retouched + 15 color & light corrected
  • Trifold with 3 prints on Fine Art paper 8″x12″
  • up to 5 stylings (studio wardrobe)
$550 VOUCHER $100 for the next session on Ultimate Plan VOUCHER $100 for the products