November 25, 2020

“The best camera is the one you have with you”

The above sentence was expressed by Chase Jarvis after the premiere of the iPhone 3G when the computational photography didn’t exist. More and more often it appears in my head!!! When I leave the house I feel that I do not need to take my camera with me. I have a small device in my pocket that meets my needs – I will shoot a good portrait with it, take a street photo, scan the code in the store, and at the same time post something on social media 🙂 Is it not useful?

What’s more, the smartphone allows me to stop messing around and take pictures – just like that. When thinking about taking a panoramic photo, I do not have to look where the previous photo ends, just slowly move the device and click. Done! I want to record a video? No problem – I put my smartphone against a flower pot, turn on the recording and it flies. Easy again! I like the bug walking next to me? I crouch, take a macro photo, and that’s it.

The development of mobile photography is so fast and phenomenal that buying a camera for everyday use may not make any sense. Why spend on the body (plus lenses) when a 10 times cheaper smartphone will give me a satisfactory result?


portrait by smartphone, computational photography


Do you have a compact camera at home that you take with you on vacation? I admit that I don’t have one and I didn’t even think about buying it. I take photos with a smartphone – a nice view, a souvenir photo by the castle or something else is not demanding. The same applies to photos at family events – the moment counts here, not the stunning quality of the picture that can be printed on a billboard. Again – a smartphone is enough for this.


But if you want to have a professional portrait which you could also print in a large format, unfortunately the smartphone will not be able to cope with it. In addition, there is the subject of professional retouching that takes care of every detail. The smartphone apply presets on the picture, so it doesn’t care about the details. Nevertheless, the smartphone works well in lifestyle, landscape and simply everyday photography.




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